Extension Online Course

Water Stewards Training Program funded by SARE NCR

The six module, self-guided course focuses mainly on agricultural water quantity issues and sustainable strategies to mitigate. Water quality is also discussed in many of the modules since water quantity and quality are closely linked.  Six Certified Crop Advisor credits (4 for soil and water, 2 for sustainability) are available for participants upon completion of the course. The course is also available on the CANVAS platform within the UW-Madison website.

The six modules include:

Module 1: Basic terms and principals of water conservation in agriculture

Module 2: Water management in Wisconsin, overall water levels, natural landscapes and agricultural use, on-farm management of landscapes

Module 3: New approaches to optimize water use

Module 4: Managing Irrigation to optimize water use

Module 5: Modeling water use: approaches and practices

Module 6: Implementing water conservation

This course is funded by the North Central Sustainable Agriculture Research and Extension Program. Dr. Yi Wang serve as the leading PI of the course. Dr. Deana Knuteson (dknuteson@wisc.edu) is the course moderator. If you would like to receive CCA credits for the course, please contact Deana to sign up.

This online extension course received the 2020 American Society of Agronomy Excellence in Extension Awards!